Removing the challenges from

delivering your telco solution

We are Partum.

A consultative group of Telecommunications ​industry professionals with years of experience on ​both sides of the Customer / Supplier coin. For years ​we were the guys in the back office of telco land, ​deploying and installing services, fixing problems and ​delivering solutions, before we jumped into ​customer-land, using our experience to help deliver ​solutions across the Government space.

Now we are here to assist you in navigating the ​challenges of delivering telecommunications related ​solutions and projects for your organisation.

We are here to consult with you and advocate for ​you, to act as a valuable interface with telco service ​providers, ensuring your outcomes are achieved and ​the value of your solution is realised.

What’s your goal?

We’re here to understand what you’re ​trying to achieve so that we can help ​remove the obstacles

Often, a network solution looks great ​on paper and will provide tangible ​benefits to your organisation. But how ​do you manage the delivery once ​you’ve signed with your provider? ​We’re here to understand your target ​outcomes so we can help you plan an ​effective delivery program.

Avoid the icebergs!

If you haven’t delivered telco ​services, its hard to know what you’re ​trying to avoid.

A ships captain doesn’t have time to ​learn on the job, and neither do you.

That’s where we come in. Our bread ​and butter for over 20 years has been ​managing telco services delivery. ​Leased line. Copper. xDSL. Fibre. ​Wireless. Microwave. LEOSAT. ​SmartPlaces. We’ve seen a lot of ​technology come and go, and picked ​up a lot of experience along the way. ​We can help you avoid the icebergs ​and de-risk the deployment of your ​solution.

Let us sweat the details and save you ​the headaches.

What we do

CONCEPT & ​Plannin​g

Consultant at the Whiteboard in the Consulting Workshop

Do you have a telco or network problem that needs a project established to solve ​it, but you’re stuck trying to get the idea articulated to get it off the ground?

We can help you form up your concept or idea paper and develop your business ​case.

Solution, budget, risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies, migration planning, ​dual mode of operation.

We can work with you to conceptually plan your end-to-end so you can go to your ​business with confidence to seek the support you need to get your Project off the ​ground.


Lawyer give his customers signed a contract in the document. Consulting in regard to the various contracts

Proc. Strats, RFI, RFP, TER, TEC, ATA, BNs, GIPA.


These are some of the shorthand references and acronyms we’ve picked up ​running Sourcing and Tender programs while consulting for, or working in ​Government agencies. Supply schemes, panels, purchasing arrangements, we’ve ​had to operate under many different scenarios and can help you plan your ​approach so your contracting decisions obtain the best possible value and while ​complying with the principles of probity and fairness.

Let us work with you to when you’re planning your Tender to ensure you achieve ​your outcomes.

service DELIVERY

& Project ​Management

Project Management on Laptop with Coffee

We’ve been managing delivery Projects within the telecommunications landscape ​for twenty years.

From network builds to single corporate offices, to remediating the comms for ​7000 roadside technology assets, and everything in between. Coordinating NBN ​contractors in ARTC rail corridors? Sure. Navigating distribution frame layouts in ​shopping centres for a retail franchise network build? Yep. Dealing with suppliers? ​We’ve got experience working with all the big players in this space.

Do you have the time to learn how your particular supplier works? What they need ​from you and when they need it so your delivery program runs smoothly? Honestly, ​it gets tricky.

So let us take the hassle off your hands.

service ​management & ​integration

Doing a handover

Operational handover;

Often an afterthought at best or overlooked at worst.

We’ve seen the repercussions when handover is not considered; Project teams ​expending furious amounts of effort to get a minimum viable solution out the door ​before they run out of budget or time. And operational struggling to work out how ​to run the day to day aspect of your solution, with the original benefits quickly ​forgotten as your BAU teams realise it’s just made their lives harder.

Your suppliers will rarely take the time to help you navigate the organisational ​change you need to go from the current state, to future state, so let us help. We ​can assist you in traversing this gap.

Your teams deserve the support to be able to run things when the delivery finishes ​and the operational steady-state begins.

Plan it out with us.

Reach out to us to plan out your sourcing ​activity, delivery program, or handover ​approach.

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